Treasure Island Hotel & Casino
In Las Vegas

Opened on the 26th of October 1993 by the mirage resorts, Treasure Island hotel and casino Las Vegas aimed at providing a fun haven for families. It had a pirate show and a 25000 sq ft arcade. However, it did not bring in as much income as had been anticipated. This led the new owner and operator of T I, Phil Ruffin, to make some significant changes, which he believed would bring in more income. He reduced the size of the arcade to 1200 sd ft and made the T I an adult resort where couples would come and relax. He even changed the skull sign and replaced it with a more sophisticated L.E.D. sign. This did not stand well with the mirage resort who ended up suing and at some point barring Phil from using the nameTreasure Island.’ Phil has made major revamping that has ensured a substantial increase to the resort’s income. 

treasure island hotel and casino

The $430 million Treasure Island hotel Las Vegas now sits in a city known for its reputation as the greatest escape. A place where the night is just a change in the position of the sun. Located directly on the Vegas strip and only 650 m from the city, the T I offers you the most exquisite experience Vegas is known for, with all the nightlife, gambling, excellent dining, entertainment, even marriages, you remain with nothing but a yearning for exploration.

1. Guest rooms
Treasure Island has 2,884 rooms and 220 suites. The rooms are well ventilated with heaters for the cold seasons and fans for the hot seasons. The rooms are well equipped with floor-to-ceiling windows that open to the beautiful mountains and Vegas strip. Included in the rooms are work desks in case you are there on a work-related matter, a laptop safe, free toiletries, a dresser, and a Minnie fridge. The rooms are also tranquil, giving you ample rest despite being surrounded by parties and endless activities.

2. Attractions.
Some of the major attractions for the T I are from the entertainment.
• If you are an avenger’s fun, you cannot miss out on the marvel avengers S.T.A.T.I.O.N., which opens from 10:00 to 22:00.
• Gamblers have been gifted with large casino tables, games, video poker, and even a poker lounge.
• There is a wellness center for guests where you can go and relax at will and unwind.
• The T I offers the Mystere by Cirque du Soleil, a show that showcases the prowess of athletes and acrobats. This show is exclusive of the Treasure Island and has become its hallmark being labeled the ‘flower in the desert’ for its ability to bring life into dormancy.
• There are always fantastic headliners such as chad Prather, Scotty Alexander, Bill Engrall, and the 2019 Wrangler N.F.R.
• The T I has bars and restaurants that offer a variety of cuisines ranging from mouth-watering seafood from restaurants such as Phil’s Italian steak house to cuts of meat. They offer fantastic coffee and drinks, including happy hour. And if you opt to relax in your room, there is always room service.
• They have a fully stocked gift shop for those left behind.
• Free parking.
• Free Wi-Fi.
• Non-smoking rooms
• A chapel.
• And very crucial, they have no hidden charges. 

The over 11,800 online positive reviews are evidence enough to show that Treasure Island is the best casino
escape in Vegas.