Luxury Homes for Sale Henderson, NV

A scant sixteen miles southeast of the legendary sprawl that is the Las Vegas sunset strip lies the city of
Henderson, Nevada. In many ways, Henderson can be considered a hidden gem of a real estate location. This
is not only because of its wide array of amenities but because of the multitude of varied cultural attractions
which make it one of the very best places to live in all of Nevada.
No less an authority than Forbes magazine has named the city as one of the all-time safest to live in the
entire United States. It is also a great area for employment, and boasts among its zip codes the 7th highest
per capita income in the United States. The real estate market is notably competitive, with an average sale
price of $338,000 and a sale price per square foot of $184. There are also approximately 500 rentals on the
market, ranging from $500 to $35,000 per month. Of the 26 residential neighborhoods which make up
Henderson, Macdonald Heights is the most expensive with an average property price of $1,500,000 while
Pittman is the most affordable with an average property price of $250,000.
When it comes to education, both elementary and secondary public schooling are well catered for in
Henderson. The city is home to twenty-nine elementary schools, nine middle schools and nine high schools.
All of these are performing at above average levels, and of these four of the high schools are private college
preparatory schools. And if you are looking to pursue further education, the Nevada State College nestles in
the southern foothills of the city. Similarly, the College of Southern Nevada, California’s National
University, Touro University Nevada and DeVry University all maintain campuses within the city.
The largest employer is the city itself, but perhaps the most populous industry in the region is the service
industry. This also gives an insight into the diverse range of leisure pursuits on offer in the city, including
the Green Valley Ranch Resort and Spa, the Sunset Station Hotel and Casino and the Fiesta Henderson
Casino Hotel, among others. The Henderson Executive Airport makes wider travel much more convenient.
And for those with an interest in football, the Las Vegas Raiders have their practice facility within the city.
In terms of healthcare, one of the most significant facilities (and the second largest employer in Henderson)
is the St. Rose Dominican Hospital, which is split over two campuses within the city; the Siena Campus and
the Rose de Lima Campus. The city is also home to a large number of places of worship. Though
predominantly Christian, all religious denominations are catered for. The demographic is 19% Catholic, with
17% following other Christian faiths. The population is 0.3% Jewish and 0.1% Muslim.
But it’s not just the bustle of urban living that makes Henderson so special. The city also boasts 60 km of
hiking trails, the beautiful Lake Las Vegas Resort and Nevada’s only scenic bird preserve. Thanks to the
humid climate of the Mojave Desert, all manner of exotic vegetation and wildlife continue to thrive. The
McCullough mountain range provides an awe-inspiring backdrop, too, while the Multigenerational Facility
at Liberty Pointe is the largest of its kind in the entire state. Add to that a number of public botanical gardens
(including the Ethel M Botanical Cactus Gardens) plus numerous golf and country clubs and it’s easy to see
why Henderson is such a popular setting for the outdoors type.
Henderson is a place of great cultural interest, and has featured as the backdrop to numerous episodes of
CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, as well as the smash hit James Bond movie Diamonds Are Forever. There
have been many notable residents of Henderson in its long and storied history. This diverse list includes such
luminaries as Oscar-winner Geena Davis, boxing legend Mike Tyson, and iconic songstress Celine Dion.
Overall, significant developments in recent years both from a property perspective and an industry
perspective have transformed Henderson, Nevada into one of the most desirable regions in the US. It
maintains a perfect balance between excitement and security, with all manner of amenities and attractions to
entice house-hunters from across the whole country and beyond.