Brock Rice

Brock is a dynamic and diverse professional with experience in many trades. He is a Realtor with the Darin Marques Group at Huntington & Ellis, A Real Estate Agency, in Las Vegas. After spending 10 years in special operations, Brock founded a Real Estate investment company where he focused his efforts in acquisitions and resale. 

Brock works with individuals and investors interested in the city’s most coveted properties—with a particular focus in Summerlin. Brock also has first- hand insight into the specialized needs of buying and selling active duty and veterans’ home.

In November 2000, Brock entered the United States Air Force, where he began his career as a Combat Controller. He endured a demanding two-year selection process that has an attrition rate of over 70%. Rice completed one of the Nation’s toughest selection courses and was sent to some of the military’s most elite schools for training, including Military Free Fall and Combat Diver Qualification.

Mr. Rice worked with Navy S.E.A.L.S and Special Forces teams in Afghanistan and Iraq during his seven combat rotations. His career projected him into Joint Special Operations Command “JSOC.” As a highly skilled communicator and problem solver coupled with the ability to take decisive action, he was called upon to perform the Nation’s most sensitive missions. For his actions on the battlefield, Brock received two bronze stars (one with valor) and four Joint Service Accommodation medals (with valor), along with many other decorations.

Beyond the military, Brock has had diverse entrepreneurial experiences. He has experience in Real Estate investments, product development, geospatial mapping and software development. Brock is an active hiker and enjoys riding Motorcycles. He holds a class C license through the US Parachute Association and is a Master diver licensed through PADI.

Brock is married to Kate Rice (Szafran) and together they keep themselves busy chasing their two boys around. Entrepreneurship has been a passion of Brock’s since leaving the military. He has helped veterans develop ideas and start companies to fulfill their dreams. “Many veterans desire to be in charge of their own destiny and strive to bring value to their communities through innovative ideas.” Brock realizes that in order to get behind a career that he really loves, it must have meaning and make an impact on his community. For him, real estate is that career. 

Brock W. Rice
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